Alternative Ways To Sell Your House

Sell or rent – What’s best for you?

When deciding to sell or rent your home, the vast majority of us are most likely to go straight to the high street and find the nearest estate agent.

You do not have to sell with an estate agent and this article provides a summary of the alternative options that are out there.


Auctions are an extremely effective way of selling your home as the buying community knows that you are committed to selling your home immediately.

One of the biggest advantages of selling a home on auction is that it is more difficult for the buying public to compare other properties or ascertain your expectations; this means that you could get a much higher price than initially expected.

On the other hand, bidding can be a fickle process and you may get a lot less than your home is worth. 

property auction

Choose to rent instead?

One of the more common ways property owners are cashing in on their additional properties is by listing them as Airbnb holiday rentals.

Where exactly should you start?

A great way for your Airbnb listing to leap over the local and domestic competition is with an Airbnb management company – one of the best around is Hello Guest.

With thousands of listings under their belt, no wonder property owners are left with a few more quid in their pockets!

Renting FAQ’S

If you choose the conventional style of renting on your property, you will have to change your mortgage

As a landlord, you have to pay tax on your net rental income.

If your property is in good condition, in an adequate location and have good cash to spend, renting is a great option.

Yes. Listing any property on Airbnb in a popular tourist location can bring great money.

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Online Estate Agents

Online estate agents have become increasingly popular methods of selling property.

Most people go online to view property before physically going there and online property sales have become a convenient and cost effective way of buying and selling property.

The biggest appeal of using an online estate agent is the cost. It is much cheaper than making use of a high street estate agent.

A word of warning and important consideration is whether or not you will be able to sell your home in the right time frame for the right price.