Home Security: How To Make You Home Safer

How Safe is Your Home? Essential Safety Tips

Do you know how safe your home is? Are you protected from potential thieves and burglars?

Home security goes beyond just checking each and every entryway and making sure they are sealed. These days, your common burglar is smarter and is always looking for more creative ways to break into your home.

So, let’s make sure your home is secure!

Easy ways to make your home safer and more secure

  • Alarm systems: One of the most obvious solutions, you can purchase alarm systems that instantly notify the authorities that someone is breaking into your home. You can choose loud ones, but there are also more discreet ones too. Take a look here.
  • CCTV installation: 96% of 5 million people in the UK have a CCTV camera installed in their home and there’s a good reason for this. Not only can they keep an eye on their property when they are away, but if anything does happen then they have the recordings to aid an investigation. Browse installers.
  • Light it up: Sensor lights can be an amazing add on product to stop unwanted visitors lurking around your property. Thieves like to operate in the darkness where they are not visible, so the more light you add to hidden areas, the better you will be protected. Browse sensors.
  • Don’t leave valuables hanging around: Placing your most beloved as well as most expensive items near windows makes it very tempting for passersby. Even parcel theft is beginning to become an issue for many households. And again, security cameras have helped to fight this issue at the front of properties.
  • Don’t let social media know you are away: Alerting people to let them know you are going away for a long period of time is inviting intruders into your unoccupied home.

Watch this video for tips from an ex-burglar:

Home insurance and secure properties

It’s simple, the more secure your home, the lower your home insurance will be. Insurance providers like safe and secure homes. Many insurance providers offer reduced premiums – adding an extra benefit to your home security. More.

Identity theft and IP security

It’s not just criminals breaking into your home you have to worry about, but your phones, computers and network systems.

Did you know that hackers can even break into your wireless CCTV cameras if they are not IP secured?

This is what makes the difference when buying security systems from Amazon compared to relying on legitimate safety companies, who are aware of cyber criminals and create technology to combat this problem.

Learn more from The Metropolitan Police UK.