Bed bugs devalue your home: How to spot them


Be Aware of An Infestation in Your Home

It’s very easy for bed bugs to enter your home without you even realising it.

A serious issue that requires heating methods to eradicate, bed bugs can enter your home undetected through luggage or on your clothing.

Learn how to solve this problem below.

Where they hide

The fact that bed bugs are very small (the width of a credit card), it’s easy for them to fit into very small spaces.

Unlike ants or bees, they do not have nests but do tend to live in groups in their hiding places, which can include mattresses (typically), box springs, bed frames and even headboards.

Other common places include:

  • Furniture
  • Carpets
  • Baseboards
  • Bedroom clutter

This gives them easy access to bite you in the night.

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Signs of an infestation

  • Bites (face, neck and arms)
  • Blood spots on your bedding
  • Brown spots on bedding/furniture (bedbug poo)

How to exterminate

Getting rid of bed bugs can be extremely difficult without a professional. This pest exterminator company advises the use of heat treatments, which are the most effective at killing eggs and larvae as well as adult pests. For bed bug removal advice, visit this Cambridge exterminator website.

Should you try home remedies?

There is no exact number that determines a bed bug infestation; however, one pregnant female can produce up to 500 eggs, which can very easily turn into a pest problem very quickly.

At-home remedies do exist but often lead to a lot of time-wasting and for the infestation to progress to a higher level of severity. Typical at-home treatments often use baking soda – see more here.

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