Are zinc roofs a good investment for your home?

Make your home feel unique

Anyone who owns a home wants their house to look different from their neighbours’. 

No one wants their house to look exactly the same as everyone believes their home should stand out!

Zinc roofs are one of the best ways to have your home looking different from everyone else’s.

Instead of only focusing on making sure the inside of your home looks different from everyone else’s – which not everyone will see – it’s a great idea to make sure the outside of your house is different as that is what every passer-by will notice.

Getting your zinc roof

Why put off getting a zinc roof for any longer?

ELC Roofing is expert with over twenty years of experience in installing zinc roofs and continue to provide excellent services across the UK to numerous clients.

Variety of shapes

Why settle for a boring, traditional v-shaped roof when different shapes can highlight the uniqueness of your home?

Zinc roofs are known for providing a variety of shapes due to the flexibility of the material.

Anyone who wants a curvier roof, a taller roof, or a roof in the shape of a dome will benefit from a zinc roof!

They are made for those who want to express their uniqueness through their roof which will get everyone’s immediate attention.

Different colours

Zinc roofs don’t only do different shapes, they also provide different colours for their customers that are not limited to the traditional brown or grey.

ELC Roofing has a diverse range of colours for a zinc roof for their clients:

  • Azengar
  • Quartz-Zinc
  • Anthra-Zinc
  • Pigmento Red
  • Pigmento Brown
  • Pigmento Green
  • Pigmento Blue

See all their colours here.

Providing different colours for a roof provides any home with a greater chance of standing out and allows the homeowner to choose a colour that they believe matches the exterior of their home. 

Visually appealing

Any property can look better with a zinc roof.

Whether it is a maisonette, a semi-detached property, or a bungalow, a zinc roof can improve the presence of any home. 

Homeowners may choose to prioritise the inside of a house rather than the outside of a property, but the outside of the house is equally as important.

Zinc roofs give every home a better appearance and give all homeowners a chance to design the house of their dreams.

If you would like more information about zinc roofs, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we will answer your enquiries.